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Welcome to the Ya’axche Conservation Trust weblog. We will be using this site to bring you the latest news, stories and images from our organization.

Our organization is a Belizean non-governmental organization (NGO) committed to the environmental and economic sustainability of our local lands and neighboring communities. Our community-oriented organization strives to advance integrated landscape management (considering commercial, agricultural and environmental needs) for the equitable development of southern Belize.

I thought I’d start off by sharing this picture of me, your friendly blogger. I snapped this shot as some colleagues and I were headed out of Punta Gorda to a board meeting with our Mayan community leaders about an hour northwest of town on the Southern Highway. In the background there is the Bay of Honduras in the Caribbean Sea.



  1. It is great to see the Ya’axché weblog is up and running. As Ya’axché begins its second decade of work in the Toledo district of Belize, we intend to put greater emphasis on promoting our message of conservation in harmony with development – a message that comes with a great deal of excitement from the rural Mayan villages and thick broadleaf tropical jungles.

  2. PNP said

    Nice this is very nice.. keep up the good work fellows its because of tech like these we will save whats left. Don’t be afraid to fight for what you all believe in.. Go get them Yaxche.. Big ups big respects to Yaxche!!

  3. Peder said

    Thanks Nat, this blog will be a great tool for the voices of the organization and the communities.

    Thanks for the support PNP. It’s important that all of us use all the tools we have to enrich our communities and environment.

    I appreciate the comments everyone!

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