Organic Farming Training

twbz-ag-medium2Yesterday a small contingent of farmers from our local Mayan communities within the Golden Stream Watershed took a field trip with Ya’axche to the Cayo District.  There, Mr. Thomas Tillett, Country Officer for Organic Production at the Ministry of Agriculture served as the guide to two demonstration plot areas at the Central Farm created and maintained by both Taiwanese nationals and Belizeans.  These plots relied on agro-chemicals, such as chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

ag-min-mediumNext, to demonstrate a chemical-free and thus healthier alternative to farming, the group visited the organic farm near Santa Familia.  There the farmers saw evidence of a highly successful organic farm. The two Tun brothers that owned it used natural pesticides made from Castor oil and marigold, and they produced fertilizers by converting composted organic materials into vermicompost with the help of earthworms.

Ultimately great benefits were shown for the results of organic farming.  Sponsorship for the trip came by way of our project with the Organization of American States (OAS) who we are working with to enrich livelihoods through integrated landscape management techniques in the communities that surround our protected areas.  As we move forward, Ya’axche will continue to work with local communities to encourage productive organic agriculture practice.

(Significant story contribution from Ginny Fuhs)


Organic Vegetables


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