Teresa Teaches Local Children at the Ya’axche Nursery

Teresa and children at Ya’axche Nursery
Originally uploaded by Ya’axché

In this picture Ya’axche horticulturalist, Teresa Coe, shows local school children the Ya’axche Nursery during one of our annual summer camp events. In the background on the left are two forest rangers, Victor and Anignacio, providing support and stories from the field. Teresa is showing the soil in a planting box just before new seedlings are transplanted.

On a day like this, Teresa will share her vast knowledge of local plant life with the children from surrounding communities. An expert in agroforestry, she’ll tell the kids which plants grow well together (e.g. taller plants with those that require shade), which are the quickest to grow and which can be used for other uses. (Some bear edible fruits and spices, some produce hardwoods and lumber, there are the cacao and coffee plants and, of course, the jipijapa, the leaves of which are used to make traditional Mayan baskets.) She also uses the time to talk about reforestation efforts and integrated pest management techniques — practices that reduce pests, but without using pesticides.

We really value our summer camps. They provide us a chance to connect with children — the next generation of leaders, farmers and influencers — to show them the relationship they have to the land, flora and fauna around them. And the kids have a great time too!

Current plant species in the Ya’axche Nursery include:

Hardwood timber

Fruit trees


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  1. Great Blog. Everyone should feel free to visit Teresa and Auxebio at the Ya’axche’ Nursery for a free tour. The plants are sold at very inexpensive prices as well!

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