BOPA Guidelines for Organic Crops

According to the Belize Organic Producers Association, a plan for organic crops must include the following:

  1. A detailed map of the enterprise, a description of the rotation plan and the production plan, a description of changes in the general condition of the soil, and ongoing monitoring of the soil condition
  2. A detailed description of the sources of seed, seedlings, including seed inoculants, germplasm, scions, rootstock and other propagules, production methods and related problems with production
  3. A description of the cultivation techniques and the types of machinery and equipment used; a profile of erosion risks and proposed corrective measures
  4. A description of the fertilization program, including origin and source  of manure, storage and handling techniques, quantity applied, application period and composting methods; a description of other production methods aimed at increasing organic matter, such as green manure crops and harvest residue management and a plan to prevent the leaching of breakdown products of liquid and solid manure
  5. A detailed listing of all production inputs and the justification for their use
  6. A description of the watershed on the enterprise and the measures to prevent exposure of contact with prohibited substances; a description of the sources and the quality of water used for irrigation
  7. A description of crop protection issues and management strategies; a description of progblems with past practices, if applicable
  8. A description of potential sources of exposure or contact with prohibited substances; concerns associated with neighboring areas and buffer zones; in cases where the enterprise is not fully converted to organic production, a description of the managment system to maintain orgaic integrity
  9. A description of the facility’s managemnt plan for the storage and handling of organic inventory, and the steps or procedures taken to prevent the commingling of organic and any non-organic stocks taht may be present

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