Drip Irrigation System Installed in the Medina Bank Organic Farm

Drip irrigation filter and distribution system

Drip irrigation filter and distribution system

As part of its Community Outreach and Livelihood efforts, Ya’axché has installed a drip irrigation system in Medina Bank Village. The system will help the fresh organic seedlings planted just a month ago thrive throughout the upcoming dry season, which lasts through the Belizean spring and early summer. Before the irrigation system was set up, farmers spent large parts of their days transporting water from nearby rivers and streams to their garden plots. They no longer have to do that.

The system installation and associated training was provided by the Agriculture Department in the village of Central Farm in the Cayo District, and was coordinated by our office with the investment capital provided by the farmers themselves. On a day in early March, the team put in a long day setting up the system. They placed the pump in the river, connected about a hundred meters of PVC piping, and installed filtration and distribution systems that culminate in drip emitters at the base of every plant. At full operation, each plant receives approximately on liter of fresh, clean water per hour. Once the pump started working that evening, everyone was very excited!

Installing the pump in the river

Installing the pump in the river

This system maximizes efficient water use while providing each plant the amount of water it needs. Efficient water distribution increases each crop yield in this new organic community farm. With proper maintenance the system should run for about three to five years, with project profitability achieved after only two. Water efficiency, organic produce and increased profitability, another win-win-win!



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  3. David said

    Hey, I am intrested in learning about a pump that will go from a river to a water storge tank.

  4. Hummingbird farm said

    very interested in the application of the pump in our creek

  5. jeremiah kazembe said

    I am interested to know how a diesel pump could used to pump water from a well to a storage tank.

  6. jeremiah kazembe said

    can tomatoes be drip irrigated? send some pictures to my e-mail

  7. Hi Jeremiah. Sorry for the late reply, we’ve just taken on a new communications officer (me) and I’m just working my way through the comments. I’ve asked my our Community Outreach and Livelihoods, Advocacy Programme Manager
    Bartholemew Teul
    to advise you.

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