Local Food Fair

Written by Julio Chub, Ya’axche Community Outreach Officer

Ya'axche Participates in the 4th Annual Food Fair

Ya'axche Participates in the 4th Annual Food Fair

Last Friday the Toledo District School Feeding Program Committee held its Fourth Annual Food Fair in Punta Gorda Town. The main purpose of the Fair was mainly to give the schools with feeding programs and garden projects the opportunity to gain recognition as well as to promote the programs the schools undertake while in search of sustainability.
Ya’axche was invited to the event and the following were arranged and displayed at the booth.

Since Ya’axche is focusing its work on building communities capacities to start up and manage small business, few of these small businesses that deal with food were invited to participate in the Food Fair while Ya’axche pays for the booth, transportation and some snacks for the day.

During the past 10 years, Ya’axche held several training for women from the buffer communities in the preparation of food and drinks using organically grown vegetables in the backyard gardens. The backyard gardening was also a part of the agro forestry system with growing Cacao organically for export. In addition fruit and timber trees were also combined in the agroforestry system which was all promoted under the Community Outreach and Livelihoods Program of Ya’axche.

Attendees Learn About Agroforestry

Attendees Learn About Agroforestry

Several of the participants from these trainings continue to use and practice what they learned. Mrs. Sarita Oliva from Big Falls was taken to the food fair to demonstrate how to make chaya juice. Mrs. Teresa Co from Golden Stream made cassava flour, cacao powder and even some homemade chocolate. In addition to this Mrs. Vilma Shol was invited from the village of Golden Stream display coconut oil and yellow ginger.

Mrs. Maria Coc is the wife of a Cacao farmer from Golden Stream who is expanding his farm into a diverse agrofrestry plantation. Ya’axche invited his wife to display and sell root crops (yam, cassava, etc.), fruits, plantain, cacao, coffee beans, and other food products from their farm.

The Medina Bank Organic Vegetable Producers were also taken to participate in the Food Fair to demonstrate use of compost and a drip irrigation system in organic vegetable production.

While all these groups and individuals displayed and sold their products, Ya’axche explained the linkages between biodiversity conservation and sustainable development.


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