Benefits of Integrated Landscape Management

ILM, as it’s abbreviated, is a planning process that significantly weights long-term sustainability in land use planning.  When implemented it has many benefits:

  1. thumbs_upSustainable Development – its multi-faceted approach ensures economic, social and environmental benefits are not at odds with one another.  Contradictory effects of any single focused policies are avoided.
  2. Enhanced Policy Decision Making and Governance – is a byproduct of actively seeking a wider range of stakeholders in the process.  That is, when the process is well managed. Otherwise you get a “too many cooks spoil the soup” situation.
  3. Regulatory Efficiency – planning done at a high level (landscape level with all stakeholders) provides the opportunity to streamline approvals and to focus decisions and scope of regulation on landscape level.
  4. Ecosystem-based Management – the focus on an entire landscape means a wide variety of conservation tools must be used which are tailored to the landscape and ecosystems under consideration. Monitoring is conducted on a landscape-level as well.
  5. Increased Market and Resource Access – ILM embodies responsible resource management and development, which is consistent with various certifications. As a result, lucrative markets become accessible.
  6. Reduced Environmental Impacts – concentrating industry in specific areas best suited to receive it reduces industrial footprints and reduces costs of doing business
  7. Certainty – when all stakeholders are involved in the approval of a process, all may be assured that a plan will be carried out in guiding development.  Reduces forecasting risk.
  8. Operational Efficiencies – coordinating land use, conservation and industrial activities realizes efficiencies in assessing and developing resources and in the regulatory process.  Larger operations use resources more efficiently.

This is heavy; this is a very complicated concept.  Next week I’ll provide a specific example and detail how ILM produces a better project than would a less-inclusive planning process.  Look for that next Wednesday.


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