Online Resources We Use

checklistNo one online lives in a vacuum, and neither do we.  We rely on a host of content providers to keep us up to date on conservation news, legislation, and funding opportunities.  As my colleague said the other day, a certain portion of our working day should be devoted to learning — to staying current in our industry.  So here’s a quick list of some of the online resources we use (in alphabetical order):

  1. The Amandala – this is a bi-weekly national newspaper that covers a range of issues throughout Belize, including illegal resource extraction and political news. A variety of articles we’ve written have been featured in the paper, including this most recent biological tragedy (original blog post).
  2. Belize Law – an online database of Belizean statutes. As an example, check out the National Park Systems Act under Chapter 215.
  3. Biodiversity & Environmental Resource Data System of Belize (BERDS) – has more environmental information and original research related to Belize than any other. Tremendously valuable.
  4. The Chronicle of Philanthropy – a site for fundraising and dealing with money issues. Their Twitter feed is particularly useful for useful links.
  5. Fauna & Flora International – our partner who’s been with us since the beginning. Literally. FFI is the oldest conservation organization in the UK and provides great resources to their partners across the globe.
  6. Idealist – covering everything from job posts to funding questions, Idealist is a networking site for NGOs.  Here’s our profile.
  7. Integrated Landscape Management – provided by the Alberta (Canada) Chamber of Resources, this is one of the better examples of ILM we’ve found.  Googling it provides a more comprehensive list of other resources.
  8. IUCN – the International Union for the Conservation of Nature is a preeminent resource for all types of information related to conservation, including international standards, best practices and regular publications. Their Red List is great for biodiversity information on threatened species.
  9. Monitter – this is a Twitter-based application. Type in a search term or three and whenever that topic is discussed on Twitter, you see it on an online dashboard. This is remarkably useful for finding (1) new sites dedicated to similar causes, (2) interesting real-time updates, and (3) other people who share your interests. (You can also follow Ya’axche updates here.)
  10. The Rainforest Alliance – a great site for news and views on biodiversity, land use and sustainable livelihoods.  Pretty much the peas to our carrots.


  1. tidebelize said

    I love this page!

    Ruth Anne

  2. Peder said

    Thanks Ruth Anne, we love writing it and staying in touch with our readers. Did you notice the TIDE Blog over on our blogroll?

  3. tidebelize said

    I did and thank you. Will be adding yours soon – the more people who learn about what we do and about Belize, the better for us all!!. Have to try and get together soon. Ruth Anne

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