Ya’axché and Trekforce Clean Up Four Communities


On the 29th and 31st of July 2009, Ya’axché along with 12 Trekforce volunteers and community members conducted a cleanup campaign in the communities of Golden Stream, Medina Bank, Trio and Bladen. For the activity, Ya’axché provided transportation, garbage bags and disposable gloves. The community with the most garbage was Golden Stream with 42 bags of garbage and most were retrieved along the riverside. Coming in second was Bladen with 18 bags of garbage  and then Trio with 13 bags and then Medina Bank with 12 bags.

A Great Help from Children of Bladen Village

A Great Help from Children of Bladen Village


Garbage was collected along the Golden Stream River, Deep River, Trio Branch and the creek that runs through Bladen Village. Villagers gave their support by sending their children to be part of the clean up. Village leaders were also supportive by showing presence at the start of the clean up. With the villagers involved, they recognized that littering is an issue in their communities and therefore seek ways to minimize the problem. One way a leader suggested was doing constant education and awareness and also putting up garbage bins at suitable location. Another issue that is urgent for the communities is locating a suitable dump site. None of these communities have a dump site.

Youths from Golden Stream Clean Riverside

Youths from Golden Stream Clean Riverside

Below are some pictures taken during the clean up at the four locations:



  1. tidebelize said

    Great work everyone

    Ruth Anne, TIDE

  2. Cool site, love the info.

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