Ranger For A Day



Starting in November 2009 Ya’axché is inviting environmentally conscious tourists to become a Ranger-For-A-Day by joining an official patrol of the 15,000 acre Golden Stream Corridor Preserve. The experience promises to be an unique opportunity to play an important role in Southern Belize’s conservation efforts. Volunteers will accompany rangers in pristine areas inaccessible to the average tourist where they can expect to help out by contributing to the daily wildlife logs, recording key species of mammals and birds at the riverside transect site, and monitoring for policy infractions within the preserve. Be prepared to hone your detective skills as you learn to identify animal (tapir, armadillo) tracks and get your binoculars ready to search for toucans and spider monkeys.

Your boots will get muddy on this real life patrol but after a morning of adventure, volunteers are invited to enjoy a dip in the refreshing Golden Stream River or stick for tasty traditional Mayan meals from local village vendors and cool spots.

Open patrols are conducted based on a schedule which is available at the Ya’axché Adminstrative Office. Patrols start at the Ya’axché Field Center at 9 AM. For more information about transportation to the Field Center, see below. Plan on wearing long pants, sturdy shoes for walking (hiking boots are not required), insect repellant and don’t forget to bring water and a snack. A donation to Ya’axche is required.

If you would like to make a reservation of if you have any questions please contact us at yaaxche.info@gmail.com , (+501) 722-0108), or drop by at our office at #2 Alejandro Vernon Street, Punta Gorda Town.


Bus – James Bus leaves from the bus station on the corner of King Street and Front Street just before 8 AM. You can also catch it as it drives through town on its way to the highway. Tell the bus attendant to drop you off at the Ya’axché in Golden Stream. A one-way trip to the Field Center will cost $5.00. The return bus to Punta Gorda passes by the Field Center  between 1:00 and 1:30 PM.

Car- The Field Center is located on the Southern Highway, approximately 29.5 miles north of Punta Gorda and 33.8 miles south of Independence. We are situated between the villages of Medina Bank to the north and Golden Stream to the south.

 Here is a Map on how to get to Ya’axché Conservation Trust Field:

Map showing how to get to Ya'axche Field Station

Map showing how to get to Ya'axche Field Station

If you would like more information on our scope of work and what we do: you can browse through our blog here or on our official website www.yct.bz .


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