Climate Change Poster Competition Results

This weekend, Saturday 24th of October 2009, Ya’axché Conservation Trust (YCT), OAS and CNIRD organized a Climate Change Poster competition with three primary schools (Indian Creek Primary School, Golden Stream Primary School and Medina Bank Primary School)  from the Toledo District, Belize. Each school designed a poster on Climate Change which was presented to both the students and parents at Indian Creek Primary School that started at 9:00 a.m.

The posters were judged on the following criteria based on a scale of 1 to 5 being; 1 as Poor, 2 as Fair, 3 as Good, 4 as Very Good, and 5 as Excellent: Poster Design, Presentation, Content and Creativity. Approximately 65 students were present at the contest along with their parents, guardians and teachers.

The main purpose of the poster competition and presentation is to explain what is climate change, its impact on people and the communities, risks involved and discuss ways on how to adapt and mitigate climate change.  The campaign started early the week before with a series of presentation at the schools made by Ya’axché’s  Community Outreach Officers. The presentations made by the Ya’axché Community Outreach Officers were basically to explain to the children what is climate change and giving suggestions and aid for a good poster.

At the end of the poster competition presentations, photos of the school children along with their posters were taken and was submitted to for the world to see. These were the results of the poster competition:

First Place Winner of $100.00: Indian Creek Primary School

Photos of Climate Change Poster competition by

Second Place Winner of $75.00: Golden Stream Primary School

Photos of Climate Change Poster competition by

Third Place Winner of $50.00: Medina Bank Primary School

Indian Creek Village, Toledo District, Belize Central America by

To see more photographs of the competition, go to

Photo credits to Ya’axché Conservation Trust.


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