Rare Crested Caracara found by Ya’axché Ranger


CARACARA (Photo Courtesy Ya'axché)

Ya’axché ranger Victor Bonilla was on his way to work on the morning of Monday, 2nd November 2009, and  noticed a relatively large bird of prey lying on the road. An avid birder, Victor stopped to take a look and was astounded when he identified it immediately as a Crested caracara (Caracara cheriway). This species has rarely been recorded within Belize, let alone the Toledo District, making this a surprising find. This incident also highlights the impact that roads have on biodiversity, something that has concerned Ya’axché for several years now. To monitor this, and as part of its Biodiversity Research, Inventory and Monitoring (or BRIM) System, Ya’axché has made a point of recording all dead animals that its rangers find on the road on their way to and from work along Belize’s Southern Highway every day. Like all of the aspects of Ya’axché’s BRIM system, the information gathered on ‘roadkill’ is fed directly into informing and the organisation’s management efforts.


Caracara (Photo courtesy Ya'axché Conservation Trust)


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