Ya’axché Rangers Trained as Special Constables


Special Constable Alejandro Ical (Photo Courtesy Ya'axché)

Last weekend, at a cermony in Punta Gorda Town, Alejandro Ical, a Ya’axché Ranger of Medina Bank was sworn in as a Special Constable by Superintendent Robert Mariano becoming an official member of the Belize Police Department witht the full power of arrest.

Ical, now, joins Ya’axché Head Ranger Marchilio Ack, and Rangers Vigilio Cal, Anignacio Makin, Victor Bonilla, Rosendo Coy, and Ocatavio Cal as Special Constables enforcing natural resource laws in Golden Stream Corridor Preserve and Bladen Nature Reserve. The Ya’axché Rangers take great pride in their work patrolling and enforcing the laws in order to protect Belize’s natural wonders such as Bladen Nature Reserve, the jewel in the crown of the country’s protected areas. The Special Constable Rangers must be upstanding citizens and ambassadors in their communities helping to unite Ya’axché’s work with the  local people with benefits of fresh water, clean air, replenished game stocks and environmentally friendly livelihoods. Ya’axché Special Constables will now volunteer time working with the Police Department in order to familiarize themselves with protocol and procedures from making arrests to prosecuting offenders and keeping a peaceful and safe environment.

Ya'axche's Rangers Special Constables

Thanks to Wildlife Without Borders (WWB) of United States Fish and Wildlife Service for funding the training of Ya’axché rangers.


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