Ya’axché’s Annual Stakeholder Meeting

Annual Stakeholders Meeting 2009

Last week Saturday 12th of December 2009 Ya’axché celebrated the closing of its 11th year by holding its Annual Stakeholder  Meeting. The meeting offers another opportunity for Ya’axché   to communicate with its most important stakeholders – the communities that buffer the Golden Stream Corridor Preserve and Bladen Nature Reserve. Representatives from Medina Bank, Trio, Tambran, Golden Stream, Indian Creek, Big Falls, San Miguel, Silver Creek, Punta Gorda, Jacintoville and Elridge Village all attended the event making for a great mix of people and personalities.  The general purpose of the meeting was to present to stakeholders the work that Ya’axché has done for the year of 2009 and get feedback for improvement in 2010.

Children playing Musical Chairs

Ya’axché first introduced its program areas: Sustainable Land-use Management, Community Outreach and Livelihoods, Advocacy, Institutional Governance and Management. Accomplishments   in protected area management and research and monitoring were the focus of the Sustainable Land-use discussion. The Community Outreach and Livelihoods discussion brought up the fact that Ya’axché is now working with over 90 farmers in organic, forest-friendly agriculture, in addition to assisting students with high school. The Advocacy program has had a busy year working  with the Toledo Healthy Forest Initiative (THFI), APAMO and BAPPA. The Institutional Governance and Management Program was introduced with a discussion about the Board of Directors- those present were introduced: Alphonso Cal, Barbara Locke, Victor Ical, and President Valentino Shal. The Board is now open to community representatives in Trio and Bladen villages. Trio will have a representative in 2010.

Ya'axché Rangers

The entire Ya’axché staff was introduced to the public as well. There was good discussion on the pressing issues of our time including the Hydro Dam, Illegal Xatéros, water pollution and ways to improve relationship with communities.

Lastly the Financial Statement of 2009 was presented.

After the meeting Ya’axché invited the guests for a traditional Mayan lunch. It was a joyous time of the year and Ya’axché sure did spread a Christmas spirit. The kids also had fun games organized by Ya’axché Volunteers.

It has been a very successful year for Ya’axché Conservation Trust and Ya’axché thanks everyone who have been instrumental in the success of our work. Thanks to All.

Representatives having Lunch

To download Ya’axché’s 2009 Annual Report Click on the following link:



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