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Punta Gorda Community Clean-up Success

Last week the entire Punta Gorda coast was covered with litter and debris. The community of Punta Gorda come out to clean the coast.

For the clean-up present were students from all school in the Punta Gorda, football teams, youth groups, volunteers and private sectors. Here are some pictures taken in from the clean-up. This is one beautiful community – Punta Gorda Town. I would like to thank all those who came out to support this cause. It is such a good feeling and site to see people working together.

Below are some of the pictures taken during the clean-up:

Pooling resources to clean the coast

Picking up garbage

Students Cleaning the Seaside

Garbage collected and placed on the roadside

Football players cleaning

Some of the garbage along coast

Football players assisting in the clean-up

Taking care of the garbage


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Punta Gorda Community Clean-up

Seaside Cleaning

 Lately, there has been an increase in litter along the coast of Punta Gorda Town. Ya’axché, in collaboration with the Punta Gorda Town Council and other citizens of Toledo, has been cleaning up the garbage, debris and other pollution along PG’s coast. But only a few cannot handle the great excess garbage floating around.

The litter, debris, tree trunks and stumps are not here because of Belize’s poor waste 

Loading tree trunks onto trailer

management. Most of the garbage (consisting of products made and mostly used in Guatemala) are from our neighbouring countries who use these products. This is in addition to our home-grown garbage. 

Ya’axché, today, brought a trailer to remove the huge tree trunks and stumps from the seaside to an empty lot around the Burial Ground Area. This can be used as firewood when dry. Ya’axche also provided a chainsaw for cutting the trees into smaller pieces for easy clearing. 

The Town Council would like the entire Punta Gorda community to participate in this clean up. 

Some locals helping

 Punta Gorda needs our help to make it look beautiful. Not only is it unsightly, but it is not good for the health of young children who enjoy these waters and also tourists, not to mention providing a bad environment for the fish to live and regenerate in. We are not asking for money, but merely asking for your time to clean up our community. 

On Friday June 18th 2010, Ya’axché is asking the community to assist in this clean-up. Ya’axché will provide a trailer to transport and a chainsaw to cut the large tree trunks and stumps. Ya’axché’s staff will participate in this clean-up as well. 

Please come out to support this cause. Let’s make Punta Gorda Town a beautiful place where people want to visit. The community effort of people working together will make it even more beautiful . 

A beautiful sea we can enjoy

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